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                                                                   I know we're close to an indie bookstore
6 Books $10 plus Shipping (Autographed as Requested) 
Get a collection of completed work for your library, for as a gift, or simply for a great reading experience. Each book is autographed. You can personalize the autograph for a gift,  or make it something you'll treasure .

Good Guys Finish Last - Sisters find romance and develop their own way of love

When Love Evolves - An old friend aids the business despite love being the root of the problem. 

Crossed Expectations  - Demons and heartbreak partner for the future. No harm and a huge foul catches you off guard.

A Choice to Yield - You never know your best friend will do anything to keep you on her side of the tracks.
A Cyber Affair - Maturity online counts for something. A Chat may turn into the best conversation of a lifetime. 

A Loss Too Great - Love is at the root of family growth. When challenging times arise, love continually prevails. 

6 Autographed Novels


Diminishing Veil - A Survivor's Journey 
 “Love is a fool’s journey, it hurts, but when it's good it’s amazing.”  Renee Chadwick's mom repeatedly tells her. 

 Renee breaks family tradition from attending a Historical Black College or University. She wants campus diversity and  a chance to explore behaviors beyond skin pigmentations.

Marvin Yarbrough, the handsome, chiseled, graduate student, rockets her to a promising picket fence. He proves love is not deceitful before revealing his darkest secret.  

She normalizes life after surviving painful scars and reliving horrific memories. With her family’s aid and the admiration from a distant admirer, a caramel Hafu, she journeys to a promising future.