Imagine a  war survivor who applies his writing to a  pattern  of life most can only imagine.   Lonz  surprises you with dramatic stories of emotional interactions  where egos conflict with happiness. 

Lonz' books capture your attention from the  beginning and holds it to the story's end. He comes after your reading passion and encourages you to believe or dream throughout each chapter. 

Lonz tells stories similar to a painter communicating with a brush on canvass. His words are colorful as if  whisked upon a blank page creating a vivid picture. He constructs romance with dramatic behaviors from extraordinary characters known to hold you hostage. He's compared to writers  like Nicholas Sparks  and Eric Jerome Dickey, and with a similar writing style of James Patterson. 

Lonz is a graduate of  Westside High School in Augusta, GA. He was a career Marine and had tours as a Recruiter and Instructor. He deployed to various countries either for training or conflict. Lonz achieved a  Bachelors degree from Regents College and earned a Masters degree from Central Michigan University. He is a technology specialist and a Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP).  Lonz shared his management experience as an Adjunct Professor at the  Keller School of Management, DeVry University. He resides in Atlanta, GA.