Any Advice for Give and Take?

What does it take? You give a part of you, share your insight, pray for the best, and still the result is defying. What does it take? We share so much with others and have simple expectations that doesn't cost but a little time, a voice, a word, a smile and its like asking a bird to fly backwards. 

Givers don't have much to share but they give all the time. Takers will manipulate the situation and then make excuses why they don't return the favor. I'm at wit's end, trying to find a balance between give and take. Is there something you can share? How do you handle the give and take when you're the giver? What do you tell someone when you take and have no interest in returning? 

I'm all ears because it's supposed to be a balance in the game. I give and receive. You take and return. It's that it seems. 

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