Drove Six Hours On A Dare

She dared him to visit. Dared him I said. Who does that? When would a logical man take on a dare to visit a woman who lives six hours on a drive? I said logical and there's the operative word. 

They met online and started what is considered an innocent conversation. The chats lasted 15 - 20 minutes and maybe once or twice a week. But in between chats were emails that made it to an inbox everyday. What can a person write on a daily basis? A logical man, has ideas but everyday...Logical is the operative word. 

The online connection grew, one night the conversation lasted five hours. By the time they stopped, it was their morning alarms sounding for the new day. They didn't video each other but the interest blared like the needed fire on a winter's day. 

It was a second night, five to six hours, online chatting, exclusively making a connection, unique to each other. No interest in visits, not even a quest to video, but one click my move of the mouse, and wham there's the camera live and he's in video. 

She didn't hesitate to join, and with a swift click he was surprised. It was non stop to looking, searching without starring, looking without noticing, but comfort played their air. Sunrise and lamps, transitioned the tone, seeing what was their first was the elegance past the norm. 

This went on for weeks, day in night out, or night in and day out. I told him to slow down and pace what can be only a dream. Like he listened past YO Dude; and I found him online again. 

Three months in and yesterday, she finally called his cell. He asked me what should he do, she's six hours south of here. Something isn't right don't you think? Why not meet half way? She can't he said, because it's visit with trust and on my turf I'm safe. It made me think and on neutral ground wouldn't they both be safe? 

The last he said before he filled his tank.. Man she punked me to come down. She said, Be a man and not some runt. We've talked and videoed for months. You know me and I like you. Show me what a proud man can do. 

I heard his engine roar, and what logic I thought he had, was swept in a dare. It's not logical to make that trek, not for someone who only videos and chat. If they aren't game to meet half way, then I would say its something fishy or an item to fear. Why would anyone drive six hours on a dare? 

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