Great Looking Profile Picture

She did it again. She found a guy on a dating site with looks of a seduction. The appearance a typical woman calls the hunk of life, worth procreating. Her smile wasn't simply a facial expression, it was also the spark to fingers dancing across the keys of her laptop. She wrote the introduction surely to break the ice and positive it would get a response, despite anyone else who'd written. 

Her dynamic pitch won his response, and it made her jump from her seat. Thrilled before reading the note, she went to her inner corner for control. It was a minute of pacing before she thought to return to her laptop and open the response. She clicked the link and waited for the print. She read the first line and was surely surprised. She raised an eye because the first line was not the response a person would write. It was a line from a jerk. 

Her disappointment made her sore, like the moment someone stomps a toe. The pain was sharp and critical with the idea of hope and excitement popped. Her moment of thrill went to something more of her coffee spill, and the mess was quick to pick up. 

Isn't it true for many who surf the net, that looks are more of an alluring net. Most pictures are fake of the person behind the keys, especially when the response is for nude pictures or sex scenes. Why would anyone believe, a person with awesome looks and the best content is hard to catch a date? 

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