Surfing for Ms or Mr Right

Loneliness sets in and you find yourself uneasy, pacing around the house as if your path will crystallize a companion. The SS Enterprise didn't beam someone to your location, simply because in your mind you demanded one. No, its not quite the way things work these days. 

Like anything else, it's going to take effort to beam up your interest. You don't call on the Enterprise, instead you grab your laptop, tap your mouse, and viola a dating website is starting at you. Its the best picture ads of gorgeous people, pulling you in like a fly to honey. 

Okay, if you're anything like me, you click on a gender just to see if good looks are common place on the website. One, two, three great looks and you are in the search. 

You are surfing wave after wave of profiles, great looks, nice revelation, some you wish to meet and others you quickly discard. What's the criteria for your search? I think it's the same as being in person. We have standards, at a minimum, and the exploration to find a companion, rather online or not, remains the same; looks, character, attitude, and hobbies. 

 What makes it online is  hopefully no different than meeting in person. Online you get to explore  their profile without them knowing it. Its like your investigative nature surfaces and periodically you refer to your checklist of acceptance. Look at his picture, is he smiling or with six pack abs. Is he dressed for the night on the town or is he bummed for the beach? Whatever grabs, is what you accept. 

Looks can be deceiving and  pictures you view are leading you to find out if the person is real. If the pictures are actual or are they super imposed? Look carefully because the next step is a huge one. 

Anytime you meet someone and there's nothing but the appearance, you look for something more to hold your attention. You know, the mind is a terrible thing if wasted. And for your next check on the list of eligibility, is evaluating the way someone writes. 

If you can't read their thoughts, how on earth will you converse? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but when you're out and you can't communicate, beauty becomes a side bar to fostering a belief he/she's an impostor. 

I've known a lot of gorgeous people, really exciting and attractive. That was until they opened their mouth  and words, that should have made sense, shocked me into oblivion. You can't carry a conversation outside of sexual intercourse. Or it's someone without an opinion on current social events. The lack in their ability makes you wonder, why why why!

Finding Ms or Mr Right online is difficult, but can be fun, especially if you don't mind surfing for hours. The search alone will take you through the night if you allow it. Besides, if you're satisfied with reading profile after profile, and  if pictures speak volumes, you realize you aren't in the twilight zone. You are surfing a dating website. 

Remember, only reach to people you think may have something in common and don't give yourself away to quickly. If you do, I'm sure the "catfish" will prevail.  

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