The Online Search for Mr. Right

You can't imagine the way she moved, slight with the hand, furious with the finger. It's as if she has a nervous tick with the right forefinger. Her tapping makes the profile pictures flash across the screen. 

It's how people find their one, the promise of tomorrow, the white picket fence opportunity, spread across the world. What was a chance meeting is now a calculated analysis, with an evaluation that bankers use to approve loans. Looks, charm in writing, clean pictures, attitude, and availability, has to be flames to ignite the candle of desire. If the profile is clean as a whistle, then breaking the ice becomes a click to a screen where either you select an ice breaker or you write a personal note. 

It's all good these days. It's safe where you are less likely to fumble the impression. It's not a place where your bad night or moment is reflected, nor is it an immediate rejection. Online, your first impression is done for you, and your ice breaker is pre-packaged to extend interest. It beats the hell out of waiting for a man to approach, or you entering the personal space of a guy who may be gay. 

Online dating is where cyber space offers a break from the effort of dressing up and going out. It's a chance to interact before the real interaction. You get to determine if or will with the profile content and a boat load of pictures. 

Of course there's always a catch to finding the perfect mate online. You better hope he's a Jelly Bean instead of a Catfish. 

You know what I mean. 

A Cyber Affair Novel 

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