The Snapshot

Blog here.I walked into the room and gazed, sizing up the place. I saw one of the most beautiful people, and without being obvious, I took a good look at her presentation. I blinked, shuttered my eyes once, like a camera- click. I took the snapshot, categorized it and placed it in archive. 

Haven't you seen something impressive and didn't have the will to pull out the trusty phone and take a snapshot? What was the other way of remembering? The mental snip of a moment in time. You saw it, took a snapshot, and put it in your memory. Is it normal behavior to put things or people in your memory from a glance? 

I'm told taking a snapshot of a person is rude. Looking at someone that impresses you is disrespectful if you're in a relationship. But if it's a car, you're okay, especially if your counterpart gets to use it. However the safe snapshots are of clothes (not on the body), a building, a location, or a scene (not a nude beach). 

I'm also told, since men have slow cameras, women have the ability to blink their eyes and take snapshots of multiple items. Oh, they recall the sexy man that flashed in front of them, and kindly make a feature closeup to recall. Even though she may not like what a man does, she's more keen at observation without her counterpart understanding what happened. Is this really the way women capture important moments? 

 We take snapshots of things all the time. Depending on what it is and how it impresses, we'll take in whatever detail our eyes reveal, tag it, and archive it for retention and recall. We will hold onto the snapshot and catalog it in one of our folders for best to worst. 

Sometimes we unintentionally take snapshots of things we don't want to remember, but even when that happens, we're still at wits end on how women are better at it.    

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