The Voice of Reason

There is victory when you find out your perceptions were right. It's the gut feeling you have that draws, the sixth sense giving you a nudge telling you the opposite of what's shown is true. The message is almighty in it's simplicity and yet stimulating when the visual is exactly as you perceived. 

With eyes closed and silence, you give yourself a chance to listen to your inner-self. Yes the voice of more than reason. It's like you're on the receiving end of a galactic  message, where the voice is known only by you, and heard by the spirit inside. It's that voice who never leads you down a rotten path. Or its the message sender warning you of danger ahead. You know it, and realize when you don't listen or adhere it's a detrimental event. 

If you know I'm right, and agree, share your experience. Tell me when your voice directed you and your actions didn't adhere to the warning. I bet you have a story. I'd love you to share. 

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