What's the Difference?

You sift through pages, scan  profiles, and make funny faces on the people you reject. You, the one and only person in control, have selectively marked the good, the bad, and the most assuring ugly,  based on a personal checklist of standards. Yep, your standards. 

Online you are a kid in the candy store, in  search of the perfect piece of sugary delight you can afford. You scrounge around bin after bin for that mouthwatering buzz if fructose laden goodness, like something your mom or grandmom created. You discover the mouth watering tidbit of excellence, and the best thing of all, it's based on your defining moment when you put the 'creme de la creme' in your mouth.  

What makes this candy store assessment true, is defining the good candy. You look at the best candy apple, perfect green candy cover, and round red fruit on a Popsicle stick, automatically striking memories of your youth. The standard you now hold as what a candy apple should resemble. You  assume it mouthwatering good. 

And yet the example of the candy apple applies to the profile you're examining. Funny how you hold high standards on a person's profile, than when you're six feet away. Is it you being picky about his looks, or i it the way his picture throws you a feel for  the personality you would like for future interaction? 

You even pretend to be the candy apple of perfection when it comes to your profile. You choose either the best picture your friends acknowledge as being hot, or you put the slimming picture in that favorite party dress from six years ago, as your current profile picture. Yes, you can't even find the dress anymore.  

Is is me, or is it common that everyone online play as the bin of delicious candy? 

To some extent, we catch bees with honey. But how is honey in our reality?

Heck, it's not our reality at all. For many of us, we pretend to be someone we aren't online. We fake it to catch the person we wish to have. Yet, the best man or woman who may be an awesome companion is sitting six feet away. You should return that smile he's/she's giving. What the hell, you'll a least you'll indulge in a conversation and know why online is better. 

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