A Choice to Yield

Angela's world changed in an instant when a handsome African American man appeared smelling of the hottest fragrance. He was smooth and charismatic but not what Angela would typically show off to her friends and family. Her Caucasian circle was openly un-accepting. However, Angela could not resist and had to get to know him. After all, he could be the one. Couldn't he? It is the 21st century, right?

Paula, Angela's best friend, disliked her dark interest. She persuaded Angela to explore acceptable companions. Angela eased her friend's concern and dated guys like; Bill whose likeness and belief held ethnicity and race separate and not equal by any means. Christopher, a self centered gentleman, and surely Paula's approval, wasn't capable of grabbing Angela's heart. And Eric, a gentle soul, soothed Angela's troubled moment, but unfortunately doubtful as a companion. Angela battled to avoid the man she chose. How long will Angela follow Paula's advice?

Angela emerged from strongholds of perceptions and social ideologies. Her intrigue allowed Mark to weave through her life while she journeyed to self discovery. Along the way, she became acquainted with: Margo a charismatic artsy socialite; Karen, the interior decorator; and Amy, an indecisive romantic. Each new friend injected ideas of love and happiness influencing Angela's final decision.

A Choice to Yield is Angela's cross roads to embrace true love or live for acceptance.

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August 11, 2015 By Marudonon 


I enjoyed the journey of Angela to open her mind and to obtain the strength to live with her true feelings even though she knows that she might have to deal with unjust humiliation by society. This story satisfies one with the very simple truth that you must love someone as they are. It is also a book that is quite successful in entertaining readers by describing a number of romantic dates that were thrilling and luscious. The author’s depiction of sex is sensitive and beautiful. I learned how to support your partner and how to nourish your love through Mark’s thoughts and behavior. 


Also Mark’s monologue in this story shows the grief of the people who are discriminated against very well. He wrote, “Damn, here I go again. Why is it in this country we, I have to go through this over and over again? Why do I have to be the one teaching instead of just enjoying, encouraging to make me look like a man? I know who and what I am, why can’t others see me as such? If you do all the right things, go to school, make good money, equal in appearance, have strong character, you still have to prove yourself worthy. Why am I not given the benefit of doubt?” Mark is not a person with a victim mentality at all. He is a charming and proud man of a high moral standard. 


This story convinces us that stereotypes about race are totally nonsensical. The review title, “do not let people tear you down or apart,” is cited in this book. I think this is best advice not only for interracial couples, but also for the people who love each other regardless of gender, creed, and nationality.