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Renee breathes happy ever after...relaity 

Renee Chadwick graduates college at the end of the semester. She fantasizes about the mysterious campus Adonis while ignoring a flirtatious underclassman. She’s eager to experience her first relationship and meets the handsome Marvin Yarbrough, a rising star in corporate America. With Marvin, her life is flawless, or so it seems. Dark secrets, bad advice, and uncertainty cloud her judgment. When the romance subsides, Renee discovers love also has a painful meaning.

Renee survives the unimaginable and isolates from society. She rekindles interest in a favorite hobby, taking her into the world where people are quick to ask of her past. But is it enough to escape darkness?

Love is never easy, even when it’s good. Once love is disappointing firsthand the experience tarnishes future relationships. A new beau introduces himself and Renee investigates his character. If he’s the one, there’s a chance for emotional redemption.


It begins when Renee breaks three generations of tradition. She graduates from the University Maryland instead of Spellman College. It works for her, heavily recruited after three years of internship at a prestigious manufacturer. She top picking for a special project, and partners with the prodigy MBA. Marvin Yarbrough intoxicates her with unnavigated emotions. Renee seeks dating guidance and within a year she’s at the altar.  


Challenging times arise when dark secrets prevail. She follows her mother’s advice until it falters. It happens to the best, unwilling acceptance, presses the relationship into memories of survival. She’s standing in the kitchen window watching the thunderstorm drench the perfect garden. It’s fortunate, her pain reflects in the way raindrops snakes the window pain.

                                                                                                              Diane Donovan _ Midwestern Review

"As an avid reader, my mind was engaged to the end. This book is an easy read - it flows well. A wicked twist in the story takes the reader to an unexpected event that is followed by a lady showing us what inner strength is all about."

                                                                                                                           Karen Sue Radlack


5 stars. Though this may be a fiction book, it's inspirational for those who enjoy reading about love healing emotional and physical pain. It is motivational for those who are currently in a setback situation and looking for a "spark" to strengthen them for their comeback. It is rewarding for those who like to see the victim become the exalted victor.

The storyline immediately captures the reader by inviting you to celebrate Renee who builds a successful career and gets the perfect marriage.  But when an intentionally detrimental event happens that causes her to begin living her life in the shadows of darkness and hiding from questions, she decides life is over. Or is it? The reader is then introduced to the power that real love has to unlock mental and emotional prisons by bringing choose to experience life and affection again. 

                                                                                                                           Elizabeth Margo          

Diminishing Veil (A New Release - Coming 2021)