Good Guys Finish Last


Simone and Sabrina, sisters with intelligible differences venture into the world of romance. Each finds themselves capturing the hearts and minds of "Good Guys" without effort. Simone, bouncing back from heartache relationships, seems excited to swim in the river of romance Rodney offers. Sabrina, the aggressive model, finds herself having the fling of fun without fear of emotions; unduly while Lorenz studies to become a doctor.

Relationships develop during the roller coaster of emotions; death, sickness, happiness, and anger, while Rodney and Lorenz continually pursue their ideal love of a lifetime. Romance at it's basic form with the excitement and thrill of everyday encounters. This story gives the reader a view from "Good Guys" contributing to win love and fails to reach their objective hearts by falter.

Good Guys Finish Last


May 1, 2011 By Sandra


Just as in his last book "A Choice to Yield" a very good read..I take my time with his books cause its like looking/reading a soap opera. It was so good to the last drop..I do believe readers are sleeping on an awesome author, one who takes you into the story itself. Cant wait to see whats next from him. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews

December 6, 2010 By Marva Daniel


This review is from: Good Guys Finish Last (Paperback)
Some one should have told me to keep tissue in my hand at all times. Characters are easy to identify with, as if they were a friend you have known for years.It's an easy read, once you start, you can't put it down. The book is large and easy to handle with large print for those of us who need a little extra help in reading. Keep a look out for the sequel When Love Evolves. Now I am about to start the author's second book A choice to Yield.

October 4, 2008 By Beverly King (Tampa, FL)


Good Guys Finish Last is great story more in line with today's world. It will keep you hanging in to see if in fact the guys do come in last. In keeping with todays society, it may or may not be the fairy tale ending we girls all dream about. Great weekend read, and can't wait till the next one!