RELEASE DATE:  June 9, 2017                                                                             


PTSD and A Love Relationship

“Elevation Book Publishing Debuted Crossed Expectations at Book Expo of America 2017”  

Atlanta, GA (June 9, 2017) – Elevation Book Publishing Debuted Crossed Expectations at the Book Expo of America 2017.  Lonz Cook created a story addressing the emotional challenges people with PTSD face.  He shares what people who want a loving relationship encounter with the illness. Combining a fight on another unique disease, Mr. Cook navigates multiple characters in a compelling story of emotional survival. This third novel in the Sisters & Romance series, “Crossed Expectations” acquired national interest at the Book Expo of America 2017.


“Crossed Expectations is Lonz Cook’s best book yet. In this third installment of the series, Cook pulls together a unique ensemble of characters for a thrilling tale. Fast-paced individual stories weave together for heart-pounding twists and turns.” Savannah Andrews


Rodney and Lorenz continue their struggle after - Good Guys Finish Last and When Love Evolves


Simone and Sabrina Willingham pursue their quest with twisting daggers of affection. Simone’s vile act aids her objective of Rodney, while Sabrina attempts to rekindle with Lorenz; the man she once tormented.


Rodney Witherspoon, the marketing genius, faces turmoil in business and relationship. He becomes illusional holding the midst of love. A secret can end his engagement and blackmail may crumble his upstanding firm.


Dr. Lorenz Maynard has an unworldly experience in Angola. He’s on edge, fighting needless advances and striving for medical proficiency. Saving lives turn to dancing with demons and battling suppositions of his profession.  


Will Rodney and Lorenz journey with redemption?


About Author:

From warrior to romance.  Lonz Cook is a Marine Corps veteran of 20 years and the author of numerous romance novels.  He’s a screen writer, an Adjunct Professor of Management, and a technology specialist.