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How many authors get to see their novel become a movie? It's an amazing feat, like climbing the Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the first time. Or, it's similar to seeing the Garden of the Gods and read how Native Americans worshiped on those red mountains. Its a feeling that you're almost in gold, or as happy when finding that one piece of coin at the ocean floor, shinny doubloons sparkling through your underwater mask. 

The first time you see your imagination come to life, its actually nerve wrecking. You want people watching to feel the same as when readers sat with intensity page after page. You want viewers to laugh at your creative snap lines, and cry with an aw during those touching moments. When some do and other's don't, you cringe and slump into your chair. 

For me it's fortunate that most people enjoyed watching A Choice to Yield movie. For those who read the novel, it was re-living curled up with an entertaining read. And to me, people who laughed or smiled leaving the theater gave me a rush of accomplishment. 

The only bad thing about your book becoming a movie is the same bad feeling as writing a book. As the author, you hope more people read your work. As a movie screen writer, it's the same desire that more people watch the movie. 

Now you know 

Watch A Choice to Yield Movie on Amazon or Vimeo. Here's a link  

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